Ride the J&L Narrow Gauge and Learn to Operate a Steam Locomotive during the 44th National Narrow Gauge Convention!

Located in Youngstown, Ohio, the J&L Narrow Gauge Railroad is a 24″ gauge steel mill demonstration railroad where historic narrow gauge rail equipment used in steelmaking and heavy industry is preserved and operated.  The centerpiece of the railroad is the J&L 58, a 45 ton Porter 0-4-0 Tank locomotive once used by Jones & Laughlin Steel in Pittsburgh.

We’ve arranged two Extra Fare events taking place at the J&L: A day-long rail pass giving you unprecedented access to the railroad and featuring multiple photo opportunities will take place on Thursday of the Convention, and on Friday, 12 Convention attendees will have the opportunity to learn to operation a narrow-gauge steam locomotive!

Registration for these events is available only through the Convention web site! You can find out more about each of these events and reserve your space in the Extra Fare department of the Convention’s online shop. Remember, space is limited, so reserve your space now!