Jones & Laughlin Steel No. 58

The J&L Narrow Gauge Railroad is a 24” gauge steel mill demonstration railroad located in Youngstown, Ohio. The railroad showcases J&L 58, a 45-ton Porter 0-4-0 tank locomotive. The railroad currently has 1,000 of feet of track installed and is anticipated to have more right-of-way for the convention.

We’ve arranged two Extra Fare events taking place at the J&L: A day-long rail pass giving you unprecedented access to the railroad and featuring multiple photo opportunities will take place on Thursday of the Convention, and on Friday, a limited number of Convention attendees can have the opportunity to learn to operation a narrow-gauge steam locomotive!

Registration for these events are available only through the Convention web site! You can find out more about each of these events and reserve your space in the Extra Fare department of the Convention’s online shop.


You MUST be registered as a Convention Attendee to participate in Extra Fare Activities.

Those not registered as Convention Attendees will not be permitted to participate in Extra Fare Activities.

There will be no exceptions.