Clinics & Seminars

We’ll be featuring dozens of clinics and seminars scheduled throughout the convention. Schedule times will be determined as we get closer to the convention. There will be multiple opportunities to attend each of the clinics.

Fine Tuning Brass LocomotivesFuzzy AnstinePowerPoint
LED LightingBill SartorePowerPoint
Metal SpincastingBill SartorePowerPoint
Tuscarora Valley RR Prototype and ModelingGeorge PiersonPowerPoint
Eastern NG Prototypes and ModelingGeorge PiersonPowerPoint
Chickawaukie Module and Maine Ice HarvestingTom HoermannPowerPoint
Chicago Tunneling CompanyTom HoermannPowerPoint
Maine Historical Society UpdatesJeff SchumakerPowerPoint
SR&RL Mushroom DesignDave KeithPowerPoint
Upper Midwest and SW Scenery TechniquesMatt WoodsPowerPoint
HOn30 and On30 Locomotive KitbashingPhil GliebePowerPoint
TBD – Maine RelatedPete MagounPowerPoint
Two Prototypes, Two ModelsSteve Zapytowski and Sam SwansonPowerPoint
Casting and Printing On30 Rolling StockKevin JonesPowerPoint
OR&W PrototypeBill LoganPowerPoint
OR&W ModelsBill LoganPowerPoint
Waterfront and Nautical Models in On30Pete LeachPowerPoint
TBD – Scenery RelatedBob GeldmacherPowerPoint
East Broad TopAndy Van ScyocPowerPoint
Corry Climax ACarl WassinkPowerPoint
Home Shortline LayoutMichael HohnPowerPoint
Merchant Iron IndustryVagel KellerPowerPoint
Waynesburg & Washington RailroadJim WeinschenkerPowerPoint
Home Layout, Module, and Kitbashed VehiclesBrian BudeitPowerPoint
Maine 2-Foot RailroadsGary KohlerPowerPoint
Engineering the Right-of-WayNeal SchorrPowerPoint
Weathering the AK WayCraig BrotmanPowerPoint
Dead RailRandy AllioPowerPoint
Backdrop PaintingPete Leach and Pete MagounMake-Take
Painting and Weathering with Craft AcrylicsSteve Zapytowski and Sam SwansonMake-Take